y, l▓ocal residents who own one or more houses will not be allowed to buy new homes. People without a local hukou (household registration certificate) who own one or more houses will not be able to buy eith▓er new or pre-owned houses.First-time home buyers will be required to make a minimum down▓ payment of 30 percent, compared to 20▓ percent previously.Stat

istics show over 90 p▓ercent of cities surveyed in August reported new home price rises, up from 73 p▓ercent in July. Central bank data showed that banks i▓n August made 529 billion yuan in household lo▓ans, with mortgages accounting for 55.7 percent of t▓he total.Since Sept.30, a dozen cities, including both firs

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t-tier cities such as Beijing and Shenzhen as well as smaller cities, have rolled out policies▓ ranging from higher down payments to home purchase restrictions to curb speculative housing purchases.Zhou Xiaochuan, governor of the ▓People's Bank of China, said the Chinese government i▓s very concerned about the

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recent rise in home prices and will take active measures to regulate the market.He made the remarks while co-chairing the Fourth▓ G20 Finance Ministers and Central Bank Governors Meeting with Chinese Finance Minister Lou Jiwei in Washington Thursday.COOLING DOWNSun Qi▓ang, a real estate agent in northern B

sed. Stricter supervision over n ew home prices will also be implemented. Authoritative pr operty market inform ation will be re leased on a regular basis to stabilize m arket ▓expectations.A lso on S aturday, Nanchang, capital o f east China's Jia ngxi Provi nce, adopted a spa te of measures to restrict home bu ying.In certain districts of the cit 遵义县5G 交口县wap 永兴县5G 珙县5G 夏津县5G 普安县5G 漯河市wap 北安市wap 海丰县5G 白玉县wap 临猗县wap 玉林市5G 范县wap 松桃苗族自治县wap 玉屏侗族自治县wap 新安县wap 武安市5G 长沙县wap 于都县wap 泸定县wap 今日新开热血传奇私服发布网 传奇私服招英雄补丁 传奇私服刚开区一秒 传奇私服gm命令文件 神途传奇私服网 火龙复古传奇私服手游 复古传奇私服手游 玩传奇私服电脑配置 超变传奇私服网站 我想开个传奇私服